Sunday, 12 August 2018


A little while ago, a surprise birthday Kickstarter arrived from Over a the last week, my wee lad and I have been tinkering away and putting it all together.

The kit consists of three mdf sheets of laser cut pieces and a few bags of different sized brass pins,  brass rims for the wheels, some string, some tiny rubberbands of the sort you'd see on bracers, and a wee tiny firing pin. The pieces all fit together beautifully and are held together with the pins - no gluing or hammering in nails. The only glue is used (optionally) to secure the knots in the string. Oh, and a squirt of WD40 (other lubricants are available) to grease up the gear mechanisms.

It really was a great little kit, and both of us enjoyed putting it together. Pushing in the pins required a bit more thumb strength than could be mustered by a seven year old, but he was an awesome help with everything else.

As you can see, it is pretty much the right scale to work with 28mm figures (snow troll and dwarf shown for scale). OK, it might be a tad large, but I'm sure it'll see use as an occasional terrain piece or focus of a scenario.

And to finish off - here is the first test firing... 🙈 Did I mention it is a proper wee torsion piece which uses twisted string to provide the power.

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