Thursday, 18 April 2019

10mm steppe goblins and ogres

Following on from the goblin wolf riders I showed at the end of last month, here is the start of a small steppe goblin army. These fabulous 10mm sculpts are styled as steppe goblins (conveniently), produced and sold by Polar Fox Studio in Siberia. They come in packs of 30 cast on strips five wide. There is a random command strip and then a selection of other strips - there must be 15 unique sculpts in each pack. 

The variation is quite impressive for a small range, and they really fit well with the feel of the Warmaster wolf riders with a similar Hun-inspired aesthetic. They are very characterful and therefore a bit of a bugger to paint. The end result is fantastic though.

This wee chap is a Polar Fox steppe goblin shaman or sorcerer.

In support I have some steppe ogres. These are actually 15mm orcs from Magister Militum, but their equipment is also a bit Hunnic in feel - well, some of their hats anyway - and they fit well with the 10mm goblins. 

Here is the mini-horde to date. Another group of goblins, an assassin and a giant still to go before my initial plans are done.

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