Friday 11 September 2020

Fantastic Battles army showcase - Wyld Elves

This army showcase is a little bit different in that it is only a 500 point army rather than 1,000. Fantastic Battles scale perfectly well for smaller armies and this army of Wyld Elves is about as small as it gets. It has focused on a small number of elite, resolute units supported by the full cadre of character types. All miniatures are 3D printed figures from Excellent Miniatures.

Always watching, the Wyld Elves of the far north are seldom seen unless they choose to be. Longing for nothing more than to dance in mountain meadows lit by the midnight sun, they are never-the-less ruthless and resolute warriors when summoned to war. The fleet-footedness of Wyld Elves is their racial trope, represented by the fast trait (+1 to their movement value).

From left to right are the she-elves commanding this small army: Hjartardottir the army warlord on her white stag, a Huldra magic-user, a captain and a rogue. In most small games, players take just a warlord and a captain; taking so many Wyld Elf characters will make this army very flexible and easy to command, but at the expense of additional units. 

Moving swiftly and ignoring terrain that would hamper more conventional cavaly, the strongest Wyld Elves ride to war mounted on proud stags.

Most Wyld Elves are skilled archers and slingers. They muster in small skirmishing companies fighting from woods and excelling in hit and run tactics.

Attuned to the natural world, Wyld Elves often call upon their friends among the giant eagles to soar above their armies providing assistance from the air.


  1. Did you get these printed closer to 12mm to match Pendraken and Magister Militum? I’m amazed by the detail on the paint job as I struggle to paint my 10mm forest dragon prints.

    Recently got into miniature war gaming and trying to get some friends into Fantastic Battles by 3d printing some forest dragon armies. Thanks for the great rule set and inspiring army pictures on this blog!

  2. Hi Ryan, thanks for the kind words.

    These were as printed by Excellent Miniatures at (I think) about 11mm? They are large 10mm, but not Pendraken sized.

    I admit my usual painting approach is the same for 6mm and 10mm. Brown undercoat, base colour, wash, base colour, one highlight. It takes a little longer than some other approaches, but I like the result. I wrote a post about it a while back -