Sunday, 7 February 2021

Fantastic Battles - the movie(s)!

I've set up a Youtube channel to host occassional videos in support of Fantastic Battles. Due to lockdowns in different parts of the world, I know that many interested players haven't been able to get any games in. Hopefully these videos - with their raw, Blair Witch-style, rustic charm(?) - will give a flavour of the rules.

If you haven't already seen it, you can find the channel here 👉   

There are already a few videos up there to get started and the intention is to pop others up if and when they are required.

The army building process.

Aa play-through of a couple of turns. If you're listening to the whole thing, watch out for the short sharp outburst from the wee dog about 34 minutes if. You might want to watch the volume... 😬

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  1. A video showcasing the armies you have painted would be great for inspiration. A full battle report would be awesome. Take a look at Mastercrafted Kings of War reports for example of set up. Go thru army lists, show set up, then game play. Just suggestions. Thanks!