Monday, 8 March 2021

Leave a review, commission a sketch

The initial take up of Fantastic Battles has been beyond anything I'd hoped, and I really want to thank everyone who's supported the rules so far. There's a great wee group over on Facebook that's growing every day, so if you're on Facebook and haven't dropped by, do pop over and join the conversation.

However, I'd really like to grow the community some more. As one of my newly-discovered favourite authors* wrote recently, "A quick review helps other people find my work, but it does more than that. Reviews are scientifically proven to fuel the hybrid of ego and insecurity that drives artists everywhere. They're inspiring, and I read every one I get." I fully concur. As an independent publisher I have a limited reach and a smaller advertising budget. The best way to spread the word is to encourage more community reviews.

*Zack Pike - if you haven't discovered Orconomics 
and the Dark prophet Saga yet, I recommend you do

What I'd like to propose is a little draw. Anyone who lets me know that they have written a review of Fantastic Battles in a blog or Youtube video, or left one on Amazon, Wargame Game Vault or Board Game Geek, anytime up to the 31st March, will be entered into a draw to commission a piece of art by Orestix, the illustrator of Fantastic Battles

In April, three winners will be drawn to commission digital vignette artworks in the style of the illustrations in the rule book. The vignettes can feature any race or army of their choice - after all, it is your fantasy. Orestix will digitally draw the pieces based on the request and the winner will have non-exclusive copyright to use their piece in anyway they choose.

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