Monday, 11 October 2021

10mm Beastling levy for Fantastic Battles

Over the weekend I managed to paint up the first unit for my 10mm Beastfolk army. The miniatures are digital sculpts from Warploque, printed by Small Scale Prints (via Etsy).

These wee guys - sold as 'vermen' which I thought was quite hurtful - consist of squirrels, mice, shrews, newts and frogs. There are only a couple of unique sculpts for each species, but they are some of the most charismatic miniatures I've seen in a while. They stand about 6mm to the eye, so they're quite wee; on par with my halflings, and noticibly smaller than my goblins and dwarves. Here they are beside the Red King for scale. Of course, for that to be useful, you'd need to know that he stands 12mm to the eye.

For my beastling levy I've mixed together the spearmen and archers into a single unit. For Fantastic Battles I plan to run them as either irregular or formed companies, with the long spears, shieldwall and shooting traits. I'm at something of a loss to come up with a suitable racial trope given the variety of beasties in the army (there will also be hares/bunnies, boars, rams goats etc). I suspect I will have to omit a racial trope altogether.