Saturday 12 March 2022

Jarl Håkon's eastern connections

I've always wanted a Norse 'army' and with the recent(ish) advent of games like Raven Feast and Baron's War: Conquest, I have the perfect opportunity to build a small 28mm warband to scratch that particular Scandinavian itch. I already had a couple of suitable miniatures, but put in several orders at the start of the month to give me enough to field a decent body of fighters.

The first to arrive were these two gentlemen from Eureka Miniatures - Jarl Håkon Gold Mane and a n Arab companion recruited on an earlier voyage to the Middle Sea. The jarl is sold as one of Beowulf's thegns, while the Arab warrior is actually Eureka's Saladin. 

They will be joined in due course by a Foundry viking and Gripping Beast Saxon companion (painted back in 2019) and a bunch of Artizan and Black Tree Designs hirdmen and Bad Squiddo shield maidens.