Sunday 10 April 2022

Lisburn Gaming Club 24 hour charity day

This weekend I was really priveledged to be invited to a 24 hour charity gaming event organised by Lisburn Gaming Club here in Northern Ireland. The event was raising money for the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarial Appeal. I was only able to stay for the first 10 hours, but in that time over £1,000 was raised from the raffle and table re-rolls alone. I was very impressed by the organisation and the enthusiasm that went into the event from all involved. 

Between us, Bill, Roger, Steve, Peter, Garry and I had four great games of Fantastic Battles during the time I was there.

Beastlings vs. undead - beastling victory.

Wood elves vs. goblins - bloody draw.

Wyld elves vs goblins - wyld elf victory.

Wyld elves vs ziggurat dwarves - Ziggurat dwarf victory. 

To finish up, I ran a co-operative game of Palaeo Diet: Eat or Be Eaten for Bill, Steve, Dave and Roger. Despite the tribe bagging themselves a couple of boars and a cave lion, they lost one of their own hunters. I guess it is all a matter of perspective whether that was a tragedy, or just added to the banquet!


  1. Good Work ! Pity that FB & PDEE are part of the “& More” category.

  2. Hello, how do you download the fantastic battles army sheet, I click the link and the page pulls up but there is no option to download or edit the sheet.

    1. If you are having any issues with it, drop me a message using the contact form on the page (or download it from the files section in the facebook group).