Monday 28 August 2023

Getting back to Burrows & Badgers - Starting a new campaign with a treasure hunt (game 2.1)

Andrew and I started another wee Burrows & Badgers campaign this week. I ran my rogues again - the Dirty Paws - but with a new line-up: badger, polecat, bat, rat, and two stoats. Andrew ran a new retinue of royalists led by the beaver, Lord Knawsley, supported by a badger and five mice. We played the treasure hunt scenario from the core rules - my secondary objective was to push through and get off Andrew's side of the table, his aim was to crush my warband and take at least four of them out of action.

Sadly I was too shattered to take enough photos for a full narative, but first blood went to Hugo Hairtrigger, the crossbow-weilding rat rogue who got an early shot in on one of the royalist mice.

The two seconds met for a brief melee - Sgian the polecat rogue was actually gearing up to search for treasure, but that royal badger had other ideas. After one round of taking a beating, Sgian legged it and ran to get off the royalists table edge.

It was the mouse-nun Ivy who discovered the enourmous stash of treasure by the ruins.

Meanwhile, my two stoats spotted a lonely looking mouse and decided to keep him company - whether he wanted it or not. Poor Killy the mouse only lasted two turns before Brother Malachy and Edwin put the knife in.
Broc Snufflehunter went to 're-distribute' some of the treasure but fumbled his roll to climb down the ruins. While he clung there and inch from the ground, Ivy passed the treasure onto Lord Knawsley who then ran it to one of his other mousey minions and away it went off the table.

So a quick engagement with only one casualty - poor wee Killy - and neither side achieving their secondary objectives. In the aftermath, the royalists got loads of loot, hustled a slave-trader to get their hands on a hedgehog and also hires a new sparrow. Killy recovered without a scratch and earned enough experience to earn a new skill. The rogues scrounged together a little cash and also beat up a slave trader to free a squirrel who was happy to join the Dirty Paws for their next adventure.

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