Saturday 21 October 2023

Paleao Diet: Return of the Herds

The tribe stared with tired eyes, their muscles tight through lack recent hunts. After what seemed like many moons, the herds had started to return to the parched landscape that used to be so fruitful.

Six hunters, three spears, an axe, a bow, and a fire-starter (and one hound), split up to surround the beasts. They hoped to bring down enough game feed their struggling people - both mammoths, or just three of the goats would be enough. But they were not the only hunters in the area. A lone wolf watched warily from one of the thickets, waiting to steal away a feed when the opportunity arose.

As the fire-starter drove the goats towards the other hunters, one of the caprids was killed, drawing out the predatory wolf. A fierce struggle between man and monster followed in which, the wolf was slain but not without much spillage of man-blood. Thankfully, the axe-armed hunter had acquired a reputation as a healer and patched his wounded colleague before the wound went septic.

With the predator removed, the other hunters then swiftly fell upon all the remaining goats, culling the entire herd. Both the hound and a another hunter suffered wounds being caught up in stampedes. One of the spear-armed hunters tried his luck against a mammoth but, after getting roughed up, decided that a full belly of goat was better than being spitted on a mammoth tusk, and the hunt was called off.

This was a very enjoyable return to Palaeo Diet: Eat or Be Eaten for me, a refresher for Jim, and an introduction for Andrew. The different core mechanics were demonstrated, dice were rolled, the world was put to rights, and meat came back on the menu! What better way to while away a wild and wet evening?