Tuesday 23 April 2024

ProjectSeleukid - Blitzkrieg Phalangites

Over the last couple of weeks I've been slowly plugging away at my first 28mm pike phalanx. These are 3D printed sculpts from Blitzkrieg Miniatures with 80mm metal pikes (sized to fit in the allocated storage box). I don't really enjoy painting large block units like this which is why I originally built a 6mm Seleukid army and was hesitant to do a Hellenistic project in this scale. However, having finished them, I think they do look good.

The sculpts are clean and well printed, although delivered with quite a few supports still in place. The detail on the linen cuirass is crisp, but overall the minis don't have the deep over-exaggerated cloth folds typical of ranges like Victrix (and that's a good thing - I don't like the deep cloth folds). 

There are four different heads/helmets - not including the command pack which has a fifth - and a little variety in the shield straps/baldrics, but the rest of the sculpt is identical throughout. This is really not a drama with massed pikemen.

My one issue with them is that the shields and the rest of the one-piece-print were printed in different resins. Once glued together (after painting), the undercoat came away from the inside of several of the shields with just the lightest of touch meaning the shields fell off. Not sure why that would happen, and having reapplied glue to the bare plastic/resin, they seem to have stuck better to the main figure.

In terms of scale, here we have a 1st Corps priest, Aventine command, Blitzkreig pikemen, converted Victrix Persians, and converted Perry Mahdists. The Blitzkrieg chaps are larger than 1st Corps, and scale well with Perrys. They are a tad smaller than Aventine and Victrix. 

Finally, here is my progress on ProjectSeleukid to date. I have some thorakitai, Cretans and Trallian slingers still to do for the infantry, and then all my mounted units except the camelry.