Saturday 8 June 2024

3D printed minis from BS5 Beyond Games (and a discount code!?)

Work and other commitments have paused our Devilry Afoot campaign for a few weeks. While I've not had the chance to do much painting (I have just started my next Seleukid unit), I have been conceptualising my next project; more details on that in the future. Suffice to say, I need a few more minis!

Looking for something different, I've been eyeing up the 3D printed kobold range from Warp Miniatures for a while. I love the style of the sculpts, and have been more than happy with the Warp stuff I have painted in the past. Frustratingly I haven't yet joined the 3D-printer-owners'-society yet, so much of the of Warp Miniatures range was out of reach until I discovered BS5 Beyond Games.  I discovered they were licensed printers of some Warp ranges so asked them about the kobolds. They didn't do them a week ago, but they do now and Rowland and Alex were good enough to send me almost a dozen of the little beggars!

I'm now the proud owner of a kobold magic-user and a swarm of 10 wee minions. There are plenty of options there for arming them with spears, daggers or slings. I super impressed by both the Warp Miniatures' sculpts, and by the quality of the prints from BS5 Beyond Games.

On top of everything else, the lads also created a special discount code for readers of the Irregular Wars blog! If you check out their site and find anything that takes your fancy, use the code IWFB20 at checkout to get 20% off your order. Great service and a discount code. You can't say no to that!    


  1. I also like some of Warp Miniatures' sculpts, I have a few on my hard drive. 3D printing, which has seen a huge wave of really talented sculptors capitalise on the back of all this 3D printing technology, has been a massive boon for miniature gaming. The amount of such excellent miniatures and terrain pieces that are now available for people to simply create at home out of strands of plastic on FDM printers or vats of resin in resin printers, is absolutely amazing. The range of paints, like speed paints and the internet which has allowed poeple like yourself to share great rulesets, ideas and inspiration and the advent of crowdfunding platforms has really seen board and tabletop miniature gaming take off to new heights with no end in sight. Additionally, all the comapnies that now make cheap plastic multi-part minis for various genres is also very helpful. It is the golden age of miniature gaming :)

  2. Mark from Thailand9 June 2024 at 08:53

    They seem to be at the “humorous end of the Kobold world. My own Road Weasel clan is at the “serious” end. I know not where Kaotsin Kobold stands in this.