Faustus Furius

Faustus Furius (published 2016) is a fast and furious, tongue in cheek table-top racing game based very loosely around the chariot races of the ancient world and adaptable to any racing situation.

Designed for 2-8 participants, it allows players to pit chariots from any culture or period against one another in a no-holds-barred race to fame and glory.

The rules are formatted to produce a handy 6"x9" hardcopy, a pdf suitable for printing as an A5 booklet, or to fit perfectly on the screen of a tablet or smartphone.

Faustus Furius (FaFu) is currently available direct from Ganesha, and from WargameVault in pdf format, and in full colour hard copy from Amazon (UK, USA, Germany etc) or Lulu

A downloadable pdf of all the cards and counters included in the rule book is available free on the Ganesha site and a deck of premium cards will soon be available through DriveThru Cards (Wargame Vault).

An Italian translation of the rules in pdf and hard copy is also imminent.

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