Galleys & Galleons (and Fayre Winds & Foul Tides)

Galleys & Galleons (published 2015) is a standalone tabletop wargame for naval engagements published by Ganesha Games. The game uses a granulated version of the basic Song of... mechanic allowing players easily to control a handful of vessels without cluttering up the table with charts. The rules are written to easily accommodate multi-player games, permitting large fleet actions and encouraging treachery and skulduggery.   

G&G has been written with the Age of Discovery (16th-18th centuries) in mind, but could be stretched to cover other eras of oar and sail with little trouble - example profiles for ancient war galleys are also included in the book. A special set of extra rules are included for players who'd prefer to sail off the edge of the map, allowing for sea monsters, mermaids and dragons (oh my!).

The rules are formatted to produce a handy 6"x9" hardcopy, a pdf suitable for printing as an A5 booklet, or to fit perfectly on the screen of a tablet or smartphone.

G&G is currently available from Ganesha in pdf format or as a hardcopy. A pdf of the rules is available through Wargames Vault and a hardcopy of the rules can already be found on AmazonLulu and from


Fayre Winds & Foul Tides (published 2016) is an expansion for Galleys & Galleons. Whether you have a panache for lacepulp, a fetish for High Fantasy, or just want to explore new historical periods, FWFT provides everything you need the bravely sail beyond the Seven Seas.

New special rules - FWFT introduces 51 new special rules to further customise your fleets, including traitorous captains, mutinous crews, indirect fire and ironclads.

New terrain - The seas just got more dangerous with a range of new terrain features including icebergs, volcanoes and assorted native islanders.

Advanced rules for flyers - Take the fight to the skies with advanced flying rules and new types of flyers, from da Vinci inspired ornithopters and lace-pulp airships, to dragons, gryphons and flying carpets.

Magic - The tides of magic cause additional waves on the tabletop with new rules for shipborne sorcerers and magical creatures. Seven schools of magic give a range of unique spells and other magical abilities with which to destroy your foes (and confound your friends). 

FW&FT is currently available pdf format from Ganesha or Wargame Vault or as a hardcopy through Amazon or Lulu.


A free downloadable fleet builder is available from the Ganesha Games website here.

Guidelines for playing solo or co-operative games against non-player-controlled warships and merchantmen can be found here

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