Monday, 2 January 2012

The Cheddar muster continues

A couple more work-in-progress shots of my first HotT army, the Grand Duchy of Cheddar.

First up we have further shots of the Ducal dirigable - now with most of the paintwork done. Michael Awdry enquired after its steerage - I can assure him that it is steered by the balloon fins and moves according to the wind (which may or may not be magic). I was considering attaching a propeller and/or rudder systen at the back of the boat, but it made it too large for the balloon.

The regiments of foote, van Squeek's (the whites) and the Duchess of Cheddar's (the buffs).

Lastly, the first shot of Cheddar Hall, one of the entrance halls to the Ducal palace-warren which emerges from a hill side. Scratch built from thin mdf on a cork-tile hill side.


  1. I love it! The Ducal Derigable is really taking shape; I should have thought of magic wind! The attention to detail in the painting is gorgeous, I particularly like the light in the lantern.

  2. Excellent!
    The Might of Cheddar was too good-looking to be left falling in oblivion.
    Don't you think your HotT posts deserve a label of their own? Maybe extended back to previous 'Cheddar' posts, for exhaustive recovery of relevant information and *photos*?