Saturday, 28 January 2012

Southern Battle Gamers DBA Historical Competition 2012 - March

Every year, my local club, the Southern Battle Gamers <location HERE> run two DBA matched pairs competitions plus the MOAB two day event, all hosted by Mr Steve Webb. The first of this years copetitions will be on Sunday 4th March. The following notice is re-posted from Steve's announcement at the Southern Battle Gamers website <original HERE>.

To be played on Sunday 4th March and Sunday 5th August, from 10am until completed.

Do you have what it takes to become the latest Imperator?

That's right, the winner gets there name added to the Trophy listing the Southern Battle Gamer's Imperators. Join Mark Stevens, Nic Wright and myself. 

Each competition will consist of five rounds.

Each player will provide two armies that are historical enemies as per the v2.2 lists, preferably balanced. You will note that this allows you to bring two armies of any figure size and any base size, as long as both are the same.

Players will be ranked during and at the end of the competition by their number of wins, then their number of points as below:
  • 1 point for each enemy element killed.
  • 2 points scored for capturing an enemy camp or BUA.
  • 2 points for killing an enemy general.
  • -1 point for each element killed.
  • -2 points scored for the loss of a camp or BUA.
  • -2 points for the loss of the general.
Each round will be completed in one hour plus the current bound. Points will still be awarded for uncompleted games, but neither player will be awarded the win.

The draw will be a modified Swiss draw, with the first round ranked as per the results of all previous competitions run by myself. Any new players will be ranked last in order of arrival. If a bye is required, the player for the bye will be the lowest ranked player in each round. A player will at most have one bye during the competition.

The choice of armies will depend on the following.
  • If a player has not used their armies in as many rounds as their opponent has, that player's armies will be used. Their opponent gets to choose the army they will use for the round.
  • Otherwise both players will dice and the player with the higher result decides whether to use their armies or their opponents. In the case of a tie, re-roll. The player with the lower result gets to choose the army they will use for the round.
The rules used will be v2.2. Armies that have elements that are able to dismount, during the game, can only do so during deployment. If an army has options, these do not have to be revealed until they are deployed.

If you do not have a suitable pair of armies, or only have one army, either myself or another competitor should be able to help you out by loaning one or two armies.

Entry will cost $2 for members and $7 for non-members.

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