Monday, 17 September 2012

Irregular Wars: Ancients(?)

Some good wargaming mates of mine back in the Old Country have been messing about with my rules.

But I mean messing about in a good way - or at least, not in a bad way. Having an abundance of ancient figures based for DBX at hand, but with reservations as to the direction DBA 3.0 is heading, they have been trying out an ancients version of Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End. Now, I had pondered this move myself some time ago but abandoned it due to the large variety of ancients rules already out there and an increasing exhaustion caused work and a growing toddler.

Now, in response to my query about this, the two leaders of this project replied thus:
Leader 1 - "As to their being too many Ancient rules, if your's is superior why not..."
Leader 2 - "I agree with Stephen, there may be a lot of rules out there, but not many good, simple ones like yours."

Now, I take this as idle and good humoured flattery but, if it holds even a kernal of truth, then thats quite a compliment.

I haven't had any chance to play test the rules for ancients (all mine are still on the boat) but I believe they have had four games so far, messing about with figures they have at hand, Polybian Romans, Marian Romans, Thracians and Gauls. I will continue to watch their experiment with great interest and will post any updates as they come to light.


  1. I like the idea of simple good rules!

  2. Sounds fantastic,I love ancients.Any chance of getting a copy of the ancient work in progress?