Sunday 2 September 2012

Wardens of Olympos

Well, after a tiny bit of a hiatus in the steady course of accruing too many SBH warbands (is there any such thing), I have just finished up another one. I was able to justify the purchase of this one to myself and my fair wife by stating that "there was still space in the storage box" for these guys.

I also wanted another Greek themed warband to face off against Pan and his Arkadians for the eventual release of Ganesha Games' Song of Gods and Heroes Greek myth supplement.

Ptolemaios (human leader)
Points 98' Q2; C4
groupfighter, leader, shieldwall

Arrhidaios (human champion)
Points 54; Q3; C4
fearless, giant slayer, shieldwall

The human figures, came from the 1st Corp Macedonians and Successors Infantry Officers pack. I'd not used 1st Corp before - indeed I hadn't head of them before my search for Macedonian types for this warband - but I was really pleased with them. nice sculpts, minimal flash, reasonable price, postage that was cheap enough and really very prompt. All said and done, I'm pleased with the figures and would recommend them to others.

Nysa (centaur)
Point 78; Q3; C3
big, long move, sharpshooter, shooter: long

The centaur is a Heresy Miniatures figure. I cannot lie - I love this range. The sculpts are beautiful and character filled and have a certain je ne sais quoi which just really appeals. That said, they are a boutique range and their price reflects that. You wouldn't want to make a full army out of Heresy figures, but they are great for characters or small warbands.

Menander (minotaur)
Points 66; Q4; C6
dashing, dashing, fearless, huge, tailslap

The minotaur comes from another brand which I hadn't come across before, Uscarl Miniatures. It's a French range, but we shouldn't hold that against them. I believe this chap is intended to play in a fantasy football game but he suits my purposes just fine. Quite pricey (he's a whole lot of lead), and not the fastest postage, but worth the wait.

I enjoyed painting up this band of morally ambiguous heroes. 28mm is always a nice change from my more usual 15mm (and 10mm) scale figures and it allowed me to experiment a little with colour gradation on Ptolemaios' cloak and Nysa's flanks which isn't really worth the effort in smaller scales. I'm happy enough to put these guys on the table, but I suspect that I could have done them more justice with a brush. Next project will certainly be back to 15mm Irregular Wars or 10 or 15mm ancients...

Due to mishaps in the continental transition combined with a bit of a change of heart and the discovery of quite a number of genuine leprechaun figures on the market, the Ballybogside Volunteers have also been disbanded, then raised again as the almost identical Bowl Street Runners - halfling crime fighters. When I get the chance, I'll update the battle honours page with the changes.


  1. Really lovely work, the Minotaur is especially impressive!

  2. Oh I say, they're a bit special. Lovely work Sir.