Saturday, 13 October 2012

Introducing the Magical Mystico

After their altercation with the big dumb (and really strong) minotaur the other week, it became apparent to all that Håkon’s Heroes needed someone with a little magical omph. Someone to entangle, distract or otherwise hamper stronger opponents. And for Håkon’s Heroes, of course, everyone is a stronger opponent.

So I went out to garage to sort through my newly arrived box of bits and found Mystico. He was part of the Splintered Light Druid's Faithful box set that I bought a while ago. There were five mice in the set which I kept aside thinking that one day I might make a mouse thieves guild warband. Instead, I've decided to appropriate Mystico and seconder him to my existing warband of sentient furry critters. May he last longer on the table than his comrades have done in the past.

Mystico the Mouse
Points: 36
Special rules: magic-user, slow, stealth


Here are two shots salvaged from Mystico's first outing as a member of Håkon’s (rather doubtful) Heroes. As you can see, the wee mouse magician was pivotal in the engagement. He was able to transfix that mean old minotaur (and his mate) allowing the rest of the heroes to get stuck in. Mind you, it still took two turns of combat for the furry critters to take down the towering edifice of muscle, hooves and horns.

Revenge is a dish best served with steak.


  1. Cool! I'm looking forward to seeing how he works out on the table.

  2. Nice work Nic. Whenever I see your improbable woodland creatures I'm tempted to paint something similar (except that my opponent went and moved to a different hemisphere).

  3. Cheers gents. He was tested on the field of battle today and more than proved his worth. I'll post an AAR if any of the photos turned out (it was bad lighting).