Sunday, 17 February 2013

Pendraken Painting Competition 2013

Its hard to believe that we are now more than half way through February. As all good 10mm wargamers know, February is the month of the Pendraken painting competition. I entered last year and miraculously scooped a first and a second prize in two different categories. With my £30 pounds of prize credit I fitted out  a whole new set of paints (Vallejo) and bought a bunch of figures from the Pendraken Late Roman range to play Dan Mersey's Song of Arthur and Merlin - a great wee game using the Song of Blades and Heroes mechanics.

This year I'm entering said Late Romans painted with said new paints. Due to the conditions of the competition, I can only enter these guys into the Open category. This category has so far drawn the most entries and also some of the best. Not sure about my own chances this year, but with appropriate prayers to Saint Neot the Lesser, perhaps... perhaps.

The first five photos below constitute my entry. the remainder are just re-posts of the whole collection to have them all together in a single post.



  1. They're bloody good, I'll say a prayer to Saint Neot as well!

  2. AWESOME work!
    And good luck with the competition!

  3. Amazing work! Yours is the blog and yours are the miniatures I'll be looking at as I come to paint my own minis for the same project!

  4. Well, no luck this year. The competition smote me bad! I did recieve a point from the judges and so have been entered into the People's Choice category, but I suspect I'm out of the running there too. Fantastic entries this year.