Saturday 24 August 2013

SSD Playtesting at Wee Gamers

Last night I hauled myself down off the mountain and took Song of Shadows and Dust for a couple more playtests to Wee Gamers (the wargaming club that meets in Whitehead on the Co. Antrim coast). In the picture above you can see my not-quite-but-almost-complete scenery laid out for the second game of the night. From the authors perspective, the night was a huge success with lots of unforeseen 'incidents' nutted out and a couple of rule changes, additions and refinements.

From a gaming perspective it was a night of riotously good fun - certainly for me but I suspect for the others as well... There was lots of scaling buildings and leaping alleyways. The evening saw a faction leader attempt to leap a courtyard, slip and fall with an cringe-worthy snap, leaving his minions without his leadership and desperately handicapped. We had children throwing stones, people knocked backwards off roofs, a sheikh smacked by an oar and a hilarious incident involving an irate mule and a swarm of angry bees!

My heartfelt thanks to Brett, Andy, Simon and James for a great night and for all their insights. I hope to repeat the exercise at Wee Gamers again in the near future.

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  1. I love that urban area board. Looks good and very playable too.