Sunday 25 August 2013

The Gorgonzola Insurgency gathers momentum - the Roquefort Revolutionary Guard

The wealthy burghers of Roquefort are among the most important supporters of the Ayatollah of Gorgonzola. Devoted to the mysterious prophet and his eastern philosophy, the rats of Roquefort provide the elite Revolutionary Guard and act as a rallying point for the more irregular elements of the Gorgonzola insurgency.

This is the first HotT element I have worked on in more than 18 months and the first unit in the army of the Ayatollah of Gorgonzola - the leader of the religious and social rebellion against the Grand Duchy of Cheddar. The figures are 10mm Ratguard from Kallistra miniatures. Clearly derived from the Pendraken League of Ratsburgh range, I believe these exclusive conversions are produced under license by Kallistra. They come cast on strips which I was wary of at first, but I think I might like these slightly more than their Pendraken archetypes - there is just more variation in the individual rats and their colonel is heart-breakingly cute.

As the unit was raised from a county within the Duchy of Cheddar itself, the ensign retains the red cross of Cheddar but on a yellow rather than white field. The central device, a grey mouse or rat, signifies the unit's loyalty to the Ayatollah. The coats are dyed Roquefort blue from a special fungus which grows exclusively in the caves below Roquefort castle.

In HotT terms, I guess they could be used as two bases of Spear, double based, but the intention is to field them as a Behemoth. Envisage an elite guard unit marching in column formation, punching through the enemy's lines. 

Vive la révolution!