Tuesday 28 January 2014

Irregular Wars updates

While I have been hard at work preparing tutorials and writing grant applications, other people have been harder at work playtesting the forthcoming second edition of Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End.

I'm really pleased so far on the feedback that I have received and the good work that other people have been doing, playing, testing, creating counters and researching new armies.

Doctor Phalanx has been a particularly good sort with his feedback and counter making. He has updated the counters since last time I posted and they can be downloaded from his website HERE.

I've also just come across a great little blog called 'The recoiling knight and the surrounded spear'. Franko the blogger has been playing the current version of Irregular Wars and posted a great overview of the game back in August. I'm a bit slow on the old uptake and have only seen this now. I recognise Franko's opponent's army in these shots and know that he has the draft version of the rules, so hopefully we'll see some more posts soon!

Keep up the hard work gents.

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