Tuesday, 1 April 2014

More 6mm Hail Caesar - Seleukids (and Sparta) vs Carthage

The forces deploy. The left hand force are the Carthaginians in deep formations. The long winding force is composed of the Seleukids (in the distance) and the Spartans (to right).

The Spartan phalangites behind a line of Cretan skirmishers. My Seleukid scythed chariots are off in the distance.
I had a great game of Hail Caesar on Sunday. We had five large commands of Carthaginians taking on three commands each of Spartans and Seleukids. It was a pretty brutal and bloody game - especially for the Spartans who were almost whiped out - which only narrowly went in favour of the allies. What follows are three battle reports, each prepared by a different player:

Carthage: "I'm expecting the victors to write the history"
Seleukids: "The well trained but small Seleukid army - along with some few auxiliaries whose participation in the battle was so negligible to make remembering their nationality moot - was assualted by a morally corrupt, effeminate and overwhelmingly huge Carthaginian force some where in Greece. The Carthaginian horde must have been at least 20 times our own Seleukid numbers but bravery and the will of the gods saw us triumph. Carthaginian casualties: 30,000. Seleukid casualties: 12."

Sparta: "Enemy was defeated. Nabis was killed."

The Seleukid heavy infantry division with elephant towers.

The Carthaginian left flank about to receive a double assault - my Arab warband taking the settlement while my Seleukid heavy cavalry thunder into his Gallic mercenaries. 


  1. Good looking armies and terrain, I like the cute little village...um...shouldn't it be Seleucid's and not Seleukids? :o)

    thanks for sharing, all the best

  2. That's a filthy Latinised approach to take Phil. Blargh! ;)

  3. WOW!! that looks stunning :-)


  4. Very nice, loving the look of the massed 6mm troops.


  5. Looks like a great game, this table is really impressive!