Tuesday 15 July 2014

10mm Irish for Dux Bellorum

Having recently finished a Romano-British army for Dan Mersey's Dux Bellorum, I'm happy to now present their opponents - the wild Irish of the Ulaid (the early Medieval kingdom covering much of Counties Antrim and Down.

This is a compact, but relatively brittle, army in game terms and consists of a unit of warrior companions (complete with the king's favourite hound and giant champion), and four units of noble warriors. That's it. Five units for 25 points, leaving me 7 points for strategies and extra leadership points. 

Warrior companions. The king and the warriors with swords are Irish elite warriors from Magister Militum; the hound is from the Eureka Minitures' woodland pack; the champion is a Baueda Viking; the spearmen are Pendraken Welsh spearmen and the lovely warrioress is Pendraken's 'Keira'.

The noble warriors are made up of the same packs as the companions, a mix of Pendraken, Eureka and Magister Militum. I decided that each base would have ten figures on them, roughly Magister Militum elite warriors and the other packs mixed to make up the remainder.

Like Dan, the author of Dux Bellorum, I have misgivings about having designated 'wardog' units in wargames. That said, they are allowed in the rules as a 'strategy', and I have the figures, so why not. Hounds from Eureka.

Monks from Pendraken. The kneeling chaps are from the Norse range, the walking 'pilgrims' are from the Medieval range. These are another 'strategy' which my Irish may like to take. Alternatively, my Romano-British army can also field them.

These sheep are from Irregular Miniatures. They are classed as 15mm but are tiny at that scale. At 10mm the adult sheep almost come up to the warrior's belts. Another 'strategy' available to the Irish in Dux Bellorum is the use of stampeding livestock. So be it.

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