Friday 18 July 2014

Great Ganesha! Multiplayer fun had by all.

Last night I was greatly delighted to play two very enjoyable four player games. (un)Fortunatley, I had so much fun that only a very few in-focus photos were taken of the games - all the guphawing makes my hands shake and I can't take photos...

The first round was a 900 point a side game of Mighty Monsters and Samurai Robot Battle Royale which saw the humans of the European Empire take on three kaiju who were holidaying in a distopian future Paris. 

It didn't end up going well at all for the imperial forces. The infantry and their air support were all either fumigated to death by one enormous fishy-poison cloud from Dagon (fishman kaiju), or else suffered from his oh-so-acidic spit. I.R.N. Mech was finished off by a well aimed punch from a rather crippled Mantis, and the Goliath tank and Grendal (furry kaiju) more or less exploded each other to extinction. There was much close range bombarding from the tank which caused a lot of damage to everything in the vicinity including itself, its friends, the kaiju and buildings.

The second game was a four player Song of Blades and Heroes battle to the death, pitting a warband of nasty Greek myth inspired creatures, satyrs, Greek gods and furry critters against each other.

We were using a phenomenal scuplted gaming table which was a real pleasure. Here, Apollo gets ready to go head-to-head with the minotaur.  

Amid much laughter (hence the blurry photo), the heroes of Wyldewood advance to join the fray.

Bypassing the melee between the nasty creatures and the two gods, the furry critters embarked on an all out assault on the satyrs across the bridge. It started badly when statistical differences left individual critters exposed (like our dashing polecat friend above). Later on, a beaver-mole partnership would see several satyrs slain before Pan, the satyr's hero, joined the fray and finished off the furry ones.

The last couple of turns saw a duel between Pan and a witch which ended with a badly wounded Pan eating off her face... But oh such a good game.

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