Tuesday 11 November 2014

Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End 2nd edition launch update

(Martin from Vexillia Ltd and I) have finalised the launch date for 01 Dec 2014, so we  thought this was a good time to provide an update on progress.

Pdf rules
Like previous editions of Irregular Wars, the pdf file of the 2nd edition rules will be available through Vexillia Ltd. These are nearly ready and there's already a pdf of seven sample pages available online HERE. A new web page featuring version 2.0 will be uploaded next week.

The pdf will be £7.20 within the EU and £6.00 elsewhere.

People who have purchased previous editions can upgrade to the 2nd edition pdf for £1.50 (within the EU) and £1.25 (rest of the world). Note that the price differenced between the EU and rest of the world are caused by V.A.T.

Hardcopy (soft cover) rules
These will be available worldwide from Amazon. Prices have been set at £12.00 (UK), €16.00 (EU) and $20.00 (USA). Prices for other regions vary depending on the local currency. 

The rules should be eligible for the free shipping option - at least Amazon.co.uk offers free shipping of orders over £10. Other delivery charges may vary with region and the various deals Amazon offer.

Chance cards
For the forseable future, I will have to handle all orders for custom-made Chance Cards myself. They have been designed and are sitting waiting to be printed and shipped on demand.

Martin and I explored several options for producing and shipping the cards and by handling orders myself it will keep costs as low as possible. 

Unless there is a very high demand to justify a bulk discount from the supplier, it looks like I will have to charge £12 including postage for each deck.

I will try to set up a buying link on this blog for the cards, but ultimately if somebody emails me, I will send a Paypal invoice. The order will be placed with the supplier as soon as the invoice is paid.

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  1. Pretty certain to get this and I will probably get the chance cards as well, though the price makes me hesitate on the cards