Tuesday 6 January 2015

A bit of eye candy to look out for....

Michiel de Ruyter - due out at the end of the month at a (Dutch) cinema near you!

Now, ashamed though I am to admit it, my Dutch is not all that good. However, from what I gather, this movie is about a Dutch chap with a boat. I think there might also be some English chaps with boats too. They don't appear to get on that well and I get the feeling that it doesn't go all that well for the English chaps. There also appears to be so rather attractive Dutch actresses involved...

Michael de Ruyter (painted here by Bol in 1667) was one of the finest admirals to be produced by the United Provinces of the Netherlands - and they have produced a few over the years. He was arguably the the finest naval commander of the modern era. The son of a beer porter, he went to sea as a boy and slowly worked his way up to command Dutch ships (later fleets) against the Spanish, English and French.

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