Sunday 11 January 2015

Xebec - work in progress

I am attempting to mock up a xebec - a two or three masted, lateen rigger vessel with low, overhanging bow and stern favoured by Barbary corsairs and other Mediterranean navies. I'm hoping to use it as some sailing support for a small fleet of galleys - probably Barbary corsairs but not fully decided yet.

Here is just a first WIP shot (two shots really) showing the idea. The hull is from a Peter Pig 1/450 scale schooner. The sails are from a 1/600 scale galley by Skytrex. The bowsprit is a piece of copper pipe and the blu-tack is Tesco's own.

The Skytrex 'small galley' in the background will see service as either a galliot or a galley.


  1. Looking very promising. After some hesitation about the cost, I decided to get some of the Pirateology xebecs. I'm very pleased with them but they will need to be converted into proper waterline models.

  2. These look amazing!

    Roughly how long are these ships / bases? I'm gagging to do some fun naval stuff after reading about the G&G rules although still deciding on scale!

    Is there a recommended base size / formula to keep in mind if I want to aim for G&G rules?


    1. Hi VNRP,

      There is no recommended scale for G&G. Like in other Ganesha Games rules sets, all measurements are done using three set length distances (short, medium and long). The rules include several different 'scales' for these so players can adapt the rules to their playing space and model scale.

      These are 1/450 scale which means that the crew are approx. 4mm each. It is a lovely scale but larger than I have played before with naval games. The smallest bases I have used are 40x30mm for flotillas of rowing boats and a jacht. Most of the others are between 60x30mm and 80x40mm. The largest is 60x120mm for a large galley.

      The rule for base sizes is to do what looks good for the model.

  3. Thanks for your reply! I might try out some smaller scale ships first, 1/1200 seems like it would fit my gaming space quite well.
    Do you have any recommendations for ship types to get for a small fleet?
    Mathias Rapp

    1. Hi Mathias,

      If you get together a dozen random ships of different sizes, you'll have no problems putting together a couple of fleets. G&G will come with 50-odd profiles of different ship types, but everything is customisable and there will be an online fleet builder available through Ganesha Games.