Wednesday 23 September 2015

Reviews from the web - Irregular Wars and Galleys & Galleons

Over the last week or so I have come across two great reviews on the internet that I thought I might share.

At Wargaming in Central Oregon, Ralph has been playing around with Irregular Wars and has come to the following conclusions:
"... The result is something that I hoped to find, with well crafted random elements making it well adapted for solitaire play. Highly Recommended."

Not something I'm going to contest! Read the full review HERE. He has also produced an army roster sheet and a unit capabilities chart which may be useful. These can be downloaded direct from Ralph's blog.
Meanwhile, Yoyo Skywalker has been painting up some neat 15mm Zapotec archers and dart throwers for an Irregular Wars Mesoamerican army.

If you can read a little French, or can manage with your internet browser's translator, have a browse through Yoyo's workshop - he's got some great AARs available there.

Over at The Raft, Frank Shandy has some very polite things to say about Galleys & Galleons:
"... I was especially curious how the rules would handle bookkeeping. Naval rules tend to be heavy on that aspect, but I felt this wouldn’t go well with the Ganesha Games ethos. I was not to be disappointed: Tracking damage is one of the most original mechanics of the game, and one of the cleverest mechanics I’ve seen for some time ..."

Read the full review HERE.

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