Saturday, 19 September 2015

Yarrr - G&G booty cards away!

The pirates have spoken and the entries have been entered, drawn and quartered...

My thanks to everybody who entered the give away. My impartial ship's mate drew names from his treasure chest and I'm delighted to say that the following salty rogues will be having a small deck of cards heading their way next week. In no particular order, congratulations to...

Ralf from Wargaming in Central Oregon;

Jim from Jim's Wargaming Workbench;

Joshua from Le Coq Fou;

Frank Shandy from The Raft.

"What's that?!" says you, "Four winners?"

"That be right" says I. "Four winners!" What can you do? I found a fourth pack. Congratulations again all. Drop me a message with your postal address and I'll get the cards shipped.

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