Saturday 5 March 2016

Big battle Irregular Wars

I received a great wee email from Irregular Wars player Steve Duke this morning with a few details and pictures of an awesome looking multiplayer game they played recently. I don't have a huge amount of detail to share, but this is what I know:

The two armies were Royal English vs Moghul, so a bit of an apocryphal match up, but not beyond the realms of possibility. 

They played two players a side, each commanding two lords, on a 9’x6’ table.

Each lord had their compulsory companies as default and then they rolled for five options per lord and distributed the optional companies between the lords as they wished.

All companies were on 40x40mm bases and they played with 1u = 5cm.

On such a big table we limited Heavy ordinance to 24u.

Each lord drew a single chance card and that card effected only their command or a single nominated enemy command.

Setup was 12u apart.

They did not roll for Disease and Mishaps.

The Moghul army's deployment: left flank at the bottom of the picture and rest stretching off into the distance.

The English right flank at deployment.

The English left flank at deployment.

The crushed Moghul right flank at the end of the game. Only the elephants and camels remain.

End of the game showing the centre left of the Moghul force being slowly ground down.

... and the Moghul right where the fighting was less decisive and defeat not yet a forgone conclusion.

Steve's conclusions:
Moghul players - don’t take any more than the compulsory Hindu Levy, take Spearmen instead. 

Royal English players - try to be a bit inept to give the Moghuls a chance.

The game scales well to a bigger game with 2 players aside commanding 2 Lords each and plays to a conclusion in about 3 hours. (Including put out and put away of the figure, drink and chat.)

My heartfelt thanks to Steve for sending these through and allowing me to put them on the blog. I always love to see reports of Irregular Wars games!

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  1. It's interesting to see how it scales up.

    I'd looked at the Moghuls/Mughals myself, and focused on some of the fancier elements.
    I envisaged a mostly mounted force with fire support from elephant and camel guns.