Monday 21 March 2016

Big Games Day Out

My semi-regular gaming is Wee Gamers, based out at Whitehead in Northern Ireland's beautiful east coast. Unfortunately for me, they tend to meet on school nights, where my opportunities to stay out late are limited due to family and work commitments the following morning. Happily, they have started running Big Game Days each month, where the bunker is open all day one Sunday each month. I managed to get along this month and I'm delighted to say, that I was not disappointed.

Besides the craic (goes without saying really), I took part in a massive drop-in-drop-out game of Song of Blades and Heroes. Inspired by a popular fantasy series, the game saw two players leading a swarm of fur-clad barbarian types against the brooding garrison of a medieval fortress, entirely scratch built by one of my gaming mates, Jim.

Note the pit ponies working the winch on the platform. You can see them under the platform in the second picture.

The game was a great success for the barbarians, killing all (I think) of the garrison's named characters. Being setup as an into game, only basic profiles were used, along with the Hero trait for, well, the heroes. Our howling horde were all Q4, so I could have done with a Leader, but that was not really the intention of the game. 

For more of Jim's handiwork, you may remember the scratch built Helm's Deep he made for gaming Lord of the Rings.

He really is rather a clever chap with, one suspects, a little bit too much free time. :)

We then had another round of our ongoing Of Gods and Mortals Greek verse Celt blood feud. This time, grey-eyed Athene Parthenos, when head-to-head with Cernunnos, the horned god of nature and fertility.

The minotaur and some satyr archers survey the Celtic horde. Athene can be seen way off in the background (top right corner), threatening the rear of the Celtic army.

Clash of the titans! Athene and Cernunnos tie a melee, awing the Celtic slingers and knocking the minotaur and the opposing hero, Ferdiad son of Damán, to the ground.

Satyr archers get charged by drooling druid fanatics.

A harpy distracts some armoured nobles, but only briefly. 

The game didn't do well for the Greeks this time. Athene went down three times to Cernunnos and each time she came back, it prevented my mortals from being able to act. We came, we saw, we got rather badly mauled. We shall return.

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