Sunday 26 June 2016

6mm mounted crossbowmen

I have previously posted (HERE, and then later HERE) about my quest for some mounted crossbowmen for the 6mm Medieval Scandinavian army I am painting up next for L'Art de la Guerre. Finding myself with a few spare moments last week I finally got around to painting up my two elements of cheap and nasty, yet quite passable conversions. So without further adieu, here they are, painted up in Kalmar Union yellow and red. 


  1. Good looking conversion. I have Heroics and Ros MCR19 mounted crossbows primed and waiting to be paintd.

  2. Cheers William. I wasn't sure how well Heroics and Ros would mix with the rest of my army which are all Baccus. I have heard that H&R are true 6mm while Baccus loom over them.