Monday, 26 September 2016

French Indian War - a painting preamble

Just a few bits and pieces of painting inspiration while I start looking into a new project that has fallen my way. I've agreed to put together some British and Indian forces for the French Indian War (North America's end of the Seven Years War - 1754-1763). Looks like we'll dabble in both Song of Drums and Tomahawks, and Sharp Practice 2.

Not entirely sure what I'm doing yet, but as the 27th (Inniskilling) regiment took part, and they are - sort of - the local regiment here, I thought I'd create an apocryphal company of the Skillings as the foundation of my force. The pictures below are all scoured from the net. Some are of re-enactors (obviously) and some of those are even re-enacting the 27th!

At some stage, I'll have to pop down to the regimental museum and have a look see. It might also to worth picking up this wee booklet too:
Available HERE

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