Friday 24 March 2017

'Lucky' Fuchs' Comany of Jäger

"At Jena, the Prussian army performed the finest and most spectacular maneuvers, but I soon put a stop to this tomfoolery ..." 

My dear reader, allow me to introduce the sly, yet charming, Kapitän Johan Fuchs of the 1st Jäger Battalion, Prussian army. Known among his men as 'Lucky' Fuchs, the kapitän springs from an old and highly regarded military family. However, as the second son of a second son, he sadly has little money or influence himself. Physically of average stamp, his fairness of face and charm have won him the hostility of many an older husband to a younger wife. While his subsequent evasion of said husbands has proved fruitful training for his own military career, his not-undeserving reputation as a cad has been hard to shift.

Fuchs' reputation for der ring-do, and his ability to slip away from his enemies with alacrity have seen him often dispatched on wide ranging missions with men of his Jäger company, far from the main Prussian columns and the petite brides of his commanding officers.

  • Kapitän Johan Fuchs (Status III leader), 9 points
  • Two groups of Jäger, 20 points
  • Sharpshooter Schnaps, 2 points

The figures are from AB and I have to say, along with Xyston's ancient ranges, these are the finest 15mm figures I have ever painted. In this case, I will even admit that they were a joy to paint. I swore off Napoleonics many years ago after having a 15mm Austrian army for Napoleon's Battles. The thought of painting soooooo many wee chaps in identical uniforms, and the pressure from some quarters to make sure all the details were correct ("No, they regiment should have white lace trim, not yellow...") was a real turn off. However, having been dragged, with much hesitation, back to the so-called black powder era with Sharp Practice 2, I find myself, once more, in command of some fine 15mm Napoleonics. 

I originally said I would only play French Indian War games of SP2. Partly because I was given the start of my British force, and partly because I could see an end in sight - FIW forces for SP2 are about the smallest forces in the rules. I liked that. But seeing those lovely AB Austrians again (Brett's SP2 Napoleonic force), and then the AB Russians (JB's SP2 Napoleonic force), I couldn't help but take the plunge. I mean, come on. Look at their hats! But only, ONLY, a part force. I can't concieve of painting up 60 men in the same uniform, but I figure I can add my lads to one of their forces in multiplayer games, while continuing to field full (and ever increasing) forces in the FIW theatre.

That's the plan anyway. 

I'll probably end up with some hussars next...


  1. Excellent figures. I love AB too. I went with Blue Moon 18mm FIW figures for my foray into SP2. Just got them and the rules and need to get cracking. Your write up made me smile, thanks. I look forward to CPT Fuchs adventures!

  2. great paint job and great figures

  3. Nice post, great looking figures and beautiful presentation...

  4. Lovely painting and a great post over all.

  5. I think he is in need of a mistress and I'm sure the old husbands of young wives will raise a go fund me campaign in order to procure one. I think he is in luck.