Saturday 6 July 2019

28mm Shadows from Sherwood (part 1)

As rule writing gets into full swing for my forthcoming game of stealth and derring-do, the collection of medieval outlaws has likewise begun. The core game mechanics are derived from my pre-historic hunting game, Palaeo Diet: Eat or be Eaten, but there will be more nuance and a significant amount of tweaking to better reflect the area of awareness exerted by non-player villains. The working title is Shadow of Sherwood...

The first of my new medieval collection are below:

Robin Hood, Conquest Games

Little John, Conquest Games

Will Scarlet, Conquest Games

Much the Millar's Son, Conquest Games

Generic noblewoman (AKA Marian), Trent Miniatures


  1. Figures look great. I look forward to hearing more of the forthcoming game.

  2. Hello!!

    Could you tell us a little bit more about the rules? Solo friendly, right? Could you explain some of the new concepts, like the area of awareness?

    It seems a great idea, something that needs to be done! Keep up the good work!