Saturday, 24 August 2019

28mm Shadows over Sherwood

To defend all civilised Christians from the outlawry and heresy of the wolfsheads of Sherwood, the Sheriff of Nottingham has invited his distant cousin Sir Guillaume le Fauconnier to come and exploit the local peasantry. 

All figures are Fireforge plastics - a mixture of foot knights and foot sergeants from two sprues I picked up. For the games I am intending, the eight men shown here should more than suffice to represent the villains...

Sir Guillaume le Fauconnier - a knight

Two sergeants with spears and shields. 

Two sergeants, one with mace and shield, one armoured with a Dane axe (converted from an axe and a spear).

Two crossbowmen, one armoured with a sword.

One archer with a hand axe (the bow is borrowed from elsewhere and the quiver made of greenstuff).