Saturday, 31 August 2019

Sir John's posse

My wee lad loves to customise stuff - no idea where he gets that from... When he saw Sir Guillaume, he asked if he could customise a knight too. So now, hot off the heels of family visits to Trim Castle, the National Heritage Park, and the Rock of Dunamase, I can present his small warband led by Sir John 'of Ireland'.

 Sir John himself, armoured with a shield, and armed with a mace and sword.

The rear of Sir John showing his coat-of-arms. As you can see, the wee man also customised up a prototype for me so I knew exactly what I was supposed to be painting.

Two sergeants: one with spear and shield and the other with sword and shield.

 A crossbowman to provide a bit of long range support.

I suspect these will mostly be sitting on a shelf, but they will also see service in the new Robin Hood/outlaw game, and perhaps in the odd game of Song of Blades and Heroes as well.

 Every boy needs to be taught how to handle himself in a scrap...


  1. Beautiful! I have a bunch of medieval troops waiting for Robin Hood release.
    When are you going to publish an AAR?

  2. Oh, not until next year I should think. It is still early days.

  3. Splendid! I had the very same Lego figures!