Saturday 5 December 2020

Blood, Sweat and Cheers 2nd edition


At the start of the month I sent off the updated BSC rules to Ganesha and the files at the various retailers have now been updated. The cards themselves have not changed - but the free pdf rules have been expanded to add clarity, a campaign system for competing ludi has been added, and there are also now simple guidelines for solo play.

The revised rule booklet (8x A5 pages) is available here.

A professionally printed card deck is still available from DriveThru Cards here, or a pdf (print and play) version of the rules can be bought direct from Ganesha Games here, or from the Ganesha Gumroad store here.

I owe my thanks to the following for their playtesting, comments and suggestions: Laura Wright, James Bryant, Brett Hodgson, Jim Latimer, Andrew Common, Andrew Murrell, Andrew Brown, Massimo Moscarelli, Diego Chisena, Diego Riccitelli, Joel Lawson, Victor Jarmusz, Steven Jarmusz, Craig Whiting, and a special show of thanks to Alan Saunders for his help and contributions to the 2nd edition. 

To celebrate the 2nd edition, and to continue fleshing out my 28mm ludus, I 'celtisiced' a veles from Crusader Miniatures, giving him a magnificent greenstuff moustache and torc. Bring on the Christmas holidays so I can slap some paint on him.

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  1. Happy to help. I've been really impressed with BS&C as a game, and it was a pleasire to contribute to the new edition.