Sunday 10 January 2021



With the New Year in, 2021's ProjectTroy is under way; in a very small way at least. I have ordered 60-odd 28mm figures (more than all the other 28mm miniatures I currently own combined) from Foundry, Newline, Eureka and Lucid Eye to field a 750 point army of Trojans for Fantastic Battles. Basing them on 60mm wide bases, the same figures will provide options for 100 or 120 point games of l'Art de la Guerre, or one large (or two understrength) division/s for Hail Caesar. Presuming I pull the original plan together, there is them loads of scope to expand!

The first miniature to get some paint is a Trojan prince to serve as the army's warlord. He is - rather ironically - one of the warrior figures from a Foundry 'Achilles' chariot pack. He has fancier armour than any of the other figures in the collection so far, so it was only right that he got to don some royal purple. 

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