Saturday, 25 September 2021

This is Not a Test - Tanks for Nothing

In what really I hope will be the beginning of a much larger occasional campaign, Andrew introduced me to This is Not a Test from World's End Publishing this week. We played the suggested introductory scenario, Tanks for Nothing, where two warbands fight for control of a (comparatively) clean water source. I hope you'll agree that Andrew has really outdone himself with the post-apocalyptic shanty town!

My peace-keeper warband consisted of a squad from the Flores Minor Ranger Corp: Doc (Warden), Hotshot (Outrider), Heavy (Tactical), Snake Eyes and Point (Officers), led by Sarge (Marshal).

Andrew's muties (beings of unique features?) were led by an escaped slave girl with psychic powers, and included a chap with a co-joined twin, a two headed one with a flame thrower, a huge brute, a huge brutish dog, ghoulie, a chap with a huge hand, and a guy in a hat...

Hotshot, my outrider with a sniper rifle deployed on the roof of the building on the left from where he opened fire from the start of turn one. The other snipers in the squad, Doc and Sarge also took up firing positions quickly and let loose on any mutants coming around past the bus (sort of left of centre top of the photo).

Meanwhile, Snake Eyes and Point made a dash for the water tank. Heavy ran forward and leaped onto the car bonnet, aimed his mini-gun and immediately jammed it. He would spend the rest of the match trying to clear the jams. The brute and brute-dog, tired of being shot at, charged into my boys, just as the psychic started messing with their heads.  Doc was taken out by shooting, Snake Eyes was mauled by the dog, Point and Heavy ended up legging it with the pyschic tapping into their past traumas. At that point, Sarge decided that discretion was called for and he and Hotshot pulled out too.

In the post game sequence, the FMRC got far and away the better results. Doc was banged up and so will suffer negative modifiers next game, but everyone else was fine. I also rescued and adopted three wastland critters (species as yet undetermined). Several of the muties were injured in various ways - the hat-guy sniper took a brain injury leaving him frenzied... That will prove interesting in the future. 

It was a first game for me, and the first in a few years for Andrew so there was a bit of rule-searching, but the game still flowed really well and was really enjoyable. I'm looking forward to continuing the campaign.


  1. That is a nice-looking table! I think you need some post-apoc hobbits, though. :)

  2. Wow! Really great table, awesome job Andrew!