Monday 30 May 2022

28mm Shield-maidens

Finishing off my small vikingr crew, I've just completed half a dozen shield-maidens from Bad Squiddo's wonderfully sculpted range. While I am more than willing to accept the historicity of female warriors, I have reservations about how often entire units of women would have been formed, rather than seeing a smattering of women among larger numbers of men. Never-the-less, they tend to appear in discrete units in wargames, so that is likely how they will be used!

These are among the nicest sculpts (and casts - no flash) that I've handled and should have been a joy to paint. Unfortunately, something went wrong at the stage when I applied the wash - they wash sat on the surface rather than going into the creases as normal and left them looking like they'd been in a mud bath! It then took me twice as long to clean them up again than they took to originally do the block colour basecoats. Hopefully the end result does them justice.


  1. Love the bunny shield decoration. Nicely done. Also agree with your conclusions about the composition of the boat crews.

  2. If not a boat Crew, they could also represent the Women folks of a large farmstead/village that is defending itself from a raid/vendetta against them while the men folk are away.
    Would explan why they are all in one unit of their own.

  3. Or we could all just accept that the Vikings TV series is very popular....😋