Tuesday 24 May 2022

Håkon's Hallions - a dozen 28mm vikings

I've now completed the first twelve members of my small viking crew. Drawn from a variety of different ranges, they make a real rag-tag bunch, perfect for a veteran band or raiders.

The jarl and his hirdmen - Jarl Håkon and the Arab hirdman are from Eureka, the Saxon is from Gripping Beast and the rest are from Artizan. I'm particularly pleased with the way the custom-made banner worked out.

More hirdmen - but these ones equipped with bows. The chap on the left is from Foundry, the others are from Black Tree.

And to finish off, a size comparison. The Black Tree minis are variable, two of the archers are really big, the other two scale perfectly with Eureka. The larger two with Foundry and Gripping Beast. The Artizan range are nice, but all of them are smaller than the other ranges. I'm more than happy to mix sizes, but it is a slight shame that all my archers are taller than most of the sword and axe-wielding hirdmen.


  1. Mark from Thailand26 May 2022 at 04:53

    Very nice.

  2. Mark from Thailand26 May 2022 at 04:59

    Forgot to ask: are the Eureks figs from the Beowulf & Co, range?

  3. The jarl is one of Beowulf's thanes, yes, but the Arab companion is actually Eureka's Saladin.