Sunday, 14 August 2022

10mm Night Stalkers army showcase for Fantastic Battles

The Night Stalkers are the latest of my armies to to be completed for Fantastic Battles. With a theme of all-things-bitey meets Gothic Noir, the army is led by stylishly aristocratic vampires and uses the 'feast' trait as a racial trope.

A small army, the Night Stalkers will depend on speed (and the ability to night march) to compensate for their almost total lack of shooting factors. Get in under the enemy's arrows and ripp out their throats!

The Night Stalker leadership - the Countess (mounted) flanked by two Barons and a tame Necromancer.

Vampiric knights.

Ghastly ghouls.

Dire wolves.


Giant vampire bats.


The Death Coach driven by the rogueish Coachman. 

1 comment:

  1. good army format for sample lists
    horrific as can be, this army