Sunday 28 August 2022

Fortifications for 10mm Fantastic Battles Sieges

I was really pleased to be handed the last of my custom-made fortifications from Jim at Dark Architect Terrain this week. The set has more that 40 fully modular lengths, corners, towers, gates and breaches to allow all sorts of combinations.

Here they are thrown down in a pretty random castle set-up; do excuse the board and decking. It was too nice a day not to sit outside! Over on the left you can see an assortment of breaches to be used when walls collapse due to mines, artillery, or direct assault.

... and to top it all off, the structures are all robust enough to be stored in a single box file (along with some resin buildings). Brilliant job Jim!a


  1. Cracking job by Jim

  2. Mark from Thailand29 August 2022 at 07:12

    If you can make siege warfare into an actual fun game, there’ll be no stopping you. I’m tempted to add “it’ll be water into wine next” but some blog readers might be unhappy with that.