Saturday 18 March 2023

A Tale of Burrows & Badgers - a learning game of poor rolls and worse decisions

Andrew and I, supported by Jim as an impartial drinking companion, met for learning game of Burrows & Badgers on St Patrick's Day. As this was our first play through of B&B, we decided not to start a campaign, but just to run through the mechanics using my rogues vs Andrew's royalists.

The two warbands played quite differently; at least at the start before I forgot to play to my strengths and just made a beeline for the developing scrum in the middle of the village. I tried a couple of ambushes - one working and one being foiled by an overly aware badger. Shooting from the mouse-archers on either side was quite effective, while my otter leader with the quick shot skill failed to do very much at all.

We discovered that Andrew's mouse nun (read: magic user) was a very effective support unit, salving his big hairy beaver after the pounding it took. On the other hand, my badger healer was much less effective as a result of marching his right up to join the melee in the middle. At the end of the day, the only two takedowns in the game were my otter leader and polecat second - both falling victim the berserk beaver with the two-handed maul.

Even with repeat page-flicking to confirm half remembered rules, we set up, drank, played around, made repeated improper comments about Andrew's big hairy beaver, and then chatted through the game, all in the space of a couple of hours. It was all pretty stright forward, great fun, and very full of character. This is definitely a game we will be playing in its full campaign form in the near future - just with a slightly different starting line-up for my rogues... and new dice. 

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