Friday 10 March 2023

Burrows & Badgers: The Dirty Paws (part 2)

Finishing my dirty-pawed side quest into Burrows & Badgers, I now have the maximum ten members for my warband of furry rogues ready for a campaign. I wasn't planning on painting more than a starter warband just yet, but then things escalated...

Here are the five newest members of the line up - this photo was supposed to be the header for this post, but I just couldn't get my phone to focus on everyone at once. The five original miniatures painted for the warband can be seen HERE.

Robyn Longtooth, the fox

Knut Twitchtail, the squirrel

Edwin Lightweight, the happy stoat

Dafydd mab Petroc, the mouse

Seren Pipistrelle, the bat

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