Monday 24 April 2023

Famous Faces of Beerenburg, part 3

Halflings are the perfect antidote to the traumas of my other current project! Here are the next two characters for my Fantastic Battles halfling burghers army: the third meister, and a beer meisje.

The third and last of the planned captains for the army of Beerenburg, this halfling is one of the command pack characters from The Assault Group's (TAG) halfling range. He's certainly less well armoured than the other meisters in the army, but the determined look on his face and the casual way he rests the warhammer on his shoulder suggests he knows what he's about.

The beer meisje (barmaid) is from Reaper. She's a wonderful sculpt but, as sold, was about 4-5mm taller than my other halflings. Luckily, a quik amputation of her feet below the dress brought her down to size with little in the way of noticible issues. With her huge... pints of ale ... and sympathetic face, I plan to employ her as a second magic-user for the army. While the troubadour will focus on empowering spells to get the wee folk ready for combat, she will focus on bless spells, handing out refreshing pints to restore lost resolve.  


  1. Mark from Thailand26 April 2023 at 05:28

    “There wasn’t much of her, but what there was, was good”

  2. Mark from Thailand26 April 2023 at 09:14

    It’s a quotation from PG Wodehouse. But you knew that ;)