Sunday 23 July 2023

Fantastic Battles - Wood Elves vs Undead (2000 points)

This week saw another 2000-point battle of Fantastic Battles. This time, it was wood elves (Roger) against a joint host of undead (Neil) and Night Stalkers (me). Despite better lighting than I’ve had of late, I was too preoccupied (spoiler alert) to take enough photos for a detailed write-up!

Roger’s elvish array included a vast number of characters but only a couple of units of archers and rangers, relying mainly on pointy-stabby units like war dancers, spearmen and stag-knights. My Night Stalkers deployed with a narrow, advanced line and a fast-moving reserve of vampire knights, bats and succubi. To my right, Neil’s undead were likewise in two lines, but somewhat less fast. Given how small my force was, and how many expendable units he was running, our combined break point was only 14!

The undead had terrain to negotiate before engaging with the enemy. The unit of banshees and the dragon on the right of this picture had no problem getting through the woods, but would continually suffer from blink spells throughout the battle.

The impulsive ghouls started the game with disease (I guess that’s what happens when you live off decayed flesh…) and while waiting to be rallies were set upon by whooping loony war dancers. Although they held their ground for two turns, when they scattered, they sent a butterfly effect-like ripple of resolve loss through the Night Stalker lines.

Isolated in the front lines, the werewolves shied away from charging the elvish spear line, only to be shot to pieces in a maelstrom of elvish bow fire. Nine shooting  attack dice rolled, and nine resolve lost! With nothing left to lose, they hurled themselves to their deaths on the elvish spears. The Death Coach found that dragons are not too bothered by the terrifying trait, while in the background the undead ground away at their own foes – giant bears and stag knights and eagles and the like.

The fight on the left flank swirled back and forth. The vampire knights held their own, but first the succubi and then the Death Coach and giant bats were overwhelmed.

And with those losses, the Night Stalkers and undead army was overwhelmed. I think Neil’s undead only lost a single non-expendable company – the undead dragon – meaning it was very much my responsibility for the collapse of the allied army. Sorry Neil… Still, great to get the armies on the table and have a laugh!


  1. Gorgeous figures and table! Do Undead, in Fantastic Battles rules, have Morale Checks? I play 2e BattleSystem, based on 2e AD&D RPG rules: the mindless Undead have no Morale Checks, and some others are so aggressive towards the living, that they don't bother checking their Morale, either. Anyway, sounds/looks like everyone had a fantastic game, and that is all that matters. Truly a feast of eye-candy! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

    1. Thanks for the kind words!

      In Fantastic Battles morale is abstracted as the unit's Resolve value. Depending on how you build your armies, many players would take the 'Mindless' trait for their undead armies. Mindless units don't lose resolve when their allies flee, and require direct commands to activate.